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Friday, 29 May 2009


I know I have not posted for a little while but have been a little busy as there has been a lot going on. Unfortunately my own health has been a bit of an issue after a couple of bad falls.

The other thing is we have been doing a little rejigging at the shop.
We now have new space for storage which is in front of the window which we hope will help keep the warmth in and the cold out. We also have a better class room area away from the door so classes will also be warmer, there will also be new lighting as soon as the budget allows.

The most important thing for us is the new till we have installed, it will help me with all my paperwork and ordering. The first thing for us to do is bar code all the stock and load it on to the system, which is going to be a massive job and we will take a few weeks to do this, so until then you will have an itemized receipt with random categories.

We are also starting to produce a web site which will be a direct link to the shop and means I will be able to take online orders even if I am not well enough to be in the shop, there will also be an order and collect service which will cut out the P&P for anyone able to get to the shop.


For those of you interested in attending the workshop weekend at the end of June please could you let me know as soon as possible so that I can order the fantastic products you will be using.

If there is anyone out there that needs more information on the weekend then I would be pleased to answer your questions. The weekends we do are great fun and you get great value for money.

Kitty Club Membership

The Kitty Club will now be online so all your news letters will be posted on the blog. Those of you who have already got a membership or about to expire we have new goodie bags for you and the good news is that the membership cost is still the same.

Kitty Club membership is £35 and includes a goodie bag worth at least £35 filled with lots a great products not old tat. This year we have made a card makers bag and a scrapbookers bag and they are both fantastic. You will get a membership card which you bring with you when you come to the shop and this gives you 10% off your spending except on any die cutting systems, sale items and magazines as these items are already discounted up to 30% off.

Once the new system is up and running we will bar code all the membership cards which will help us with ordering as we will be able to see what people are buying.

I have been taking some photos of samples and the shop so I will post them as soon I can download them into the computer.

Guess that's all for now I look forward to hearing from you or when you visit the shop.

Thank you for your custom.

Louise and staff at Kitty Krafts