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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Easter Sunday

Here I sit, all alone, not even a chocolate egg for company! It seems not even crafters like to go shopping on Easter Sunday.


Hazel (Didos) said...

Happy Easter, I would go shopping but have an unwell wee peep inhis bed :-( Hope all is well with you, Ohhh just noticed Lindsay will be with you on May 1st so hope to be up then!!! Love Hazelxox

Anonymous said...

Hi Louise, not been able to get up for a wee while but how about Lunch on Monday 12th? Hope both you and Ross are well, if I don't see you Monday will pop up to shop on Tuesday.

Take care, Dianne

Louise said...

Hello Hazel and Dianne,
Hazel we will looking forward to Lindsay's visit too and we would love to see you as well. I hope the wee peep is now ok and that you had lots of chocolate eggs for Easter. See you soon Louise xox
Dianne great to hear from you and yes I would love to meet you for lunch on Monday 12th if the offer is still there. Not sure if the pub will be open as there are having some work done but if we meet at the shop we can go onto somewhere else if thats ok. Take care Louise xox

Anonymous said...

Will give you a call on Saturday Louise to oragnise lunch on Monday.
Take Care