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Friday, 10 December 2010

Royal Mail strikes again! (Ross's Rant)

No, they're not on strike again, just being their new efficient self.

The Sorting Office for the DD4 and DD5 postcodes is one of the Sorting Offices being used as a guinea pig for the new system that is supposed to be implemented throughout the country shortly.  This much vaunted new system will improve efficiency, save money and improve the service to customers.

That'll be why we received mail yesterday dated the 26th November.  That'll be why we, as a business, have gone from daily deliveries to 2-3 times a fortnight.  I see our postman in Tesco more often than I see him delivering here, which is a scary thought considering we both live nearly 20 miles away from the shop!

So, if you are one of the unfortunate people who live in the DD4 & DD5 postcodes, who are wondering why your mail service has suddenly got so bad in recent weeks it's quite simple really.  It isn't the snow (they have done an amazing job really getting out and about), it isn't the Christmas rush, it is simply that Royal Mail bosses have decided to improve the service.


Hazel (Didos) said...

Mmm I have only seen a postie once in the last fortnight!! Grrrr!!!!! I am in DD11 so wonder if its the same with me. Its horrible.
Hope all is well with you guys now and you are managing now the snow is melting, Hazelxoxo

Louise said...

Don't know if you'll be affected by this new system yet. Might be the weather that is affecting your deliveries.
Yes, we're okay thanks. We've been open again since Saturday after being shut for a week. Since the thaw started in earnest yesterday a lot of the snow is gone. There've been contractors clearing the piles of snow into lorries so that has helped too.

Hope you are keeping warm and cosy