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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Felix has new sisters

Now that Felix has finished convalescing after being hit by a car last year we decided to get him a little sister from the Cat's Protection League.  Only problem was there were two kittens and I couldn't decide which one to take, so ended up with both.

They are called Mollie (the lighter one) and Millie (the darker one).  They are typical kittens, into everything, and driving Felix, and us, crazy at times.  But we wouldn't be without them now and I think Felix quite likes having them around sometimes too.

Tired out after playing
Their favourite 'toy' was the Christmas tree.  They spent many an hour playing in it, so much so that it looked decidedly bedraggled by the time it was taken down.  Anyone who says artificial trees don't shed hasn't had kittens!

There will be more pictures in the coming months as they continue to grow and wreck our flat!

Felix sitting amidst the contents of the rubbish bag after it had been kittened!


Hazel (Didos) said...

Ah how cute are they. My Mate Joanne has just started a blog for us to share our crafty buddies if you wanted to pop this post on it. Here is the blog page,
I adore kittens, my cat still thinks she is one at age 12!!! LOL Hope all is well Love Hazelxoxo

Sue said...

The kittens look adorable and I'm sure Felix enjoys the company when you're both at the shop.

christine said...

They kittens are so cute !!!!. and also to let u know and lousie know that emma,s driving test for today , was cancelled by letter yesterday, not sure why. I think she wants to pop down at the wkend to show lousie what she has down with her scapebook so far. So i am sure she will tell u all about then xx