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Saturday, 19 March 2011

A Waxing By Any Other Name

Yes, it actually went ahead.  Ross was waxed by Laura-Ann, and a very good job she made of it too.  The only disappointing thing was that he didn't yelp more when she was pulling the strips off!

As he'd promised to get more than his legs done if he raised more in sponsorship, he had both legs waxed and his back.  As you'll see from the pictures he was quite hairy at the beginning, but was most definitely not by the end.

Thank you to everyone who sponsored Ross, and for anyone who still wants to sponsor him his online sponsor page is
 Even £1 can make a difference.


Sue said...

Well done Ross. Will this be a regular treatment?

Anonymous said...

Yes, every Red Nose Day, and maybe the occasional Pudsey!