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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Making Cards Special 2011, Cards for Men

Every card maker has a man in their life – whether a husband, a father, a brother a grandfather or a friend.

But the materials and ideas currently available for making greeting cards for men can be limited. So this Special Edition magazine is obviously called Making Cards for Men and is sure to be extremely popular and very much in demand.

This 2011 Special Edition of Making Cards for Men includes 32 sheets of Free Craft Papers, all of which feature a fresh and very different range of images for making cards for the man in your life - whether it’s for your husband, your son, your grandfather or a good friend. And this time there's a completely new source of artwork so they guarantee that the style of the Cards For Men and the matching 32 Free Craft Papers inside is quite different to anything you will have seen before in any UK craft magazine!

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