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Saturday, 8 May 2010

It's nearly that time again

Yes folks, it's nearly that time again.  No, not wondering if you've won the Lottery this week.  Something much more important than that! ( If I've won it this week, I'll agree to disagree with myself )

Cue fanfare!    It'll soon be Kitty Krafts birthday again!

Difficult to believe that it is 4 years since we opened.  I can still remember driving down here that first morning, wondering what I'd let myself in for when I heard an item on Tay FM news about "an innovative new craft shop opening in Dundee".

"Great", I thought, "more competition!"

Turned out it was us they were talking about, as we heard the same article broadcast every news for the rest of the day.

Four years on we are still here despite the best efforts of a recession, an incompetent book-keeper and various shopping channels. It is still a Craft Shop run by a crafter, and we still offer a quality product at a good price, and the advice is free.

Our birthday by date is Thursday, but as we're shut on Thursdays we are thinking of having something on Saturday.  If you're not busy please drop in and help us celebrate.  If we're not here it means we've won the Lottery and emigrated!

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