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Friday, 7 May 2010

Kitty Krafts goes off-road!

We had the most fantastic time off-roading last week, but with Lindsay's visit on Saturday haven't had time to put it on the blog.

We were at the Land Rover Experience centre at Dunkeld, courtesy of a Land Rover competition.  The prize was a half-day on- and off-roading in a vehicle of our choice, which was a lovely new Discovery 4. It's definitely on the 'If I win the Lottery' list now!

Our instructor, Gilbert, was excellent, both as an instructor, and with his local knowledge of the wildlife around the site. Best of all for me, it made no difference to them that I more regularly drive a wheelchair.  So long as I had a driving license and could get into the vehicle I was treated no differently to anyone else.

So, if you fancy something different, or you have someone who has a landmark birthday or anniversary coming up, try off-roading in a Land Rover.  Just make sure you go with them as more than one person can drive.

The only bad bit was handing back the £49,000+ Discovery 4 at the end of the day.

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Hazel said...

Lucky you, sounds like you had a terrific time.