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Monday, 30 August 2010

Nice to meet you

It was nice to meet Max, the winner of our Big Secret Summer Sale competition earlier in the month.

She was in with her daughter and spent quite a while wandering around.  I think she was a bit surprised at how big the shop is, being around 1000 square feet.  She managed to spend her £10 voucher though, plus a little bit more!

We look forward to seeing you again Max.  Just let us know in advance next time and we'll have a lovely chocolate muffin waiting on you.  Or a granola bar.  Your choice!

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Max said...

It was lovely to meet you too xx
Thank you so much for the warm welcome you gave us both and we left (eventually) having thoroughly enjoyed your hospitality. Naomi's REALLY looking forward to the muffins next time LOL!
You're right that I hadn't expected the store to be so big. I'm afraid the range of products you have on display was far too tempting, (as my till receipt proved), and I have to admit the distraction tactic of chatting with me while my hands were busy doing other things was very effective LOL!
You must think me so rude not to have replied earlier but haven't been able to access blogger since Monday ... haven't a clue what was wrong but all seems ok now. Have spent this afternoon trying to catch up with all I've missed but am going to have to admit defeat as Naomi's due home now and we'll be heading off for the stables.
Looking forward to our next visit and Naomi has made me promise to give you advance warning and not to come without her ... cheeky wee thing. Until then take care and thanks again.

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