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Saturday, 4 September 2010

Beginning to hate cars ...

Why you may ask ?   Simply because we got home last night to find our cat, Felix, had been hit by a car.  He's at the Vets now with two broken legs.

He's to get examined again today and our Vet is arranging for him to be transferred to a specialist orthopaedic unit in Fife, Edinburgh or Glasgow.  It's early days yet so we are hoping that he will make a full recovery.

I know some people may laugh at us being so upset about a cat, but what would you say if it was a child who had been hit by a car ?


weewiccababe said...

no it's not funny at all Louise, I have 2 cats and I accidentally ran one of the down myself - I didn't even see her she moved so quickly, thankfully I wasn't even going 10mph at the time and the vet gave her the all clear.
hope everything goes well and sure they'll be back to their usual tricks before long

Louise said...

Thank you. He has to be at specialist Vets tomorrow, then they'll start the treatment he needs.
After that we just have to wait for them to perform their magic.
I'll post more as we hear about him

Hazel (Didos) said...

OM GOodness Louise, So sorry for you and poor Felix, Hope the Vet can get him back to some sort of normality. Poor Wee Fluffy thing!!
Thinking of you all, Jess says Purr Meow Purr (In cat speak Get Well Soon!!!)
Love Hazelxo