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Sunday, 5 September 2010

The continuing saga of Felix ...

Felix is off on his 'holidays' to St Monans.  He was dropped off at the Vets there this morning, after spending the night in a cage to restrict his movements.  He doesn't seem to understand that he isn't able to run about with two broken legs, but that doesn't stop him trying.

Have to say I was very impressed with the vet.  He obviously cares for animals and was very good when examining Felix.  He explained everything he'll be doing and also the cost:  £1500 for his front leg, £1000 for his back leg, plus VAT!  Just glad I took out insurance when we got him and his late sister as it comes to not a lot of change from £3000, plus what our own Vet will be charging for what he's done.  He's worth it though, even if he doesn't remember his Green Cross Code!

It'll take about 9-10 weeks for him to fully recover, but the vet is confident that he'll be okay at the end of it all.  If you're in the shop over the next few weeks you'll see him as we have to keep him in a cage for a few weeks until the bones knit properly.


Hazel (Didos) said...

Oh Poor Felix. Glad he will get better though.
Ouchy Bill. Good Job you have insurance. Give him a big hug from us when he comes home, Hazelxoxo

Anonymous said...

Oh poor cat , .wil need to pop in to visit him when he is in the shop , and
u will need to learn him the green cross code again xx

Max said...

So pleased he is going to be ok and no doubt he will be spoiled rotten during his recuperation, by customers as well as you LOL. Hope to visit again to use the discount vouchers before they expire so will probably see him then.

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Louise said...

Thank you all for your comments.
Yes, he will be spoiled rotten even though he will be in a bad mood. He loves being out and about but will have to stay in a cage for a few weeks to allow the bones to knit properly, so he won't be in the best of humours!
He was trying to run about with two broken legs so he'll be virtually unstoppable when he's been rebuilt.

jakamoo said...

Oh poor little man and poor you! I've not popped over for a nosey for a few days so this is kinda news to me. So sorry he's so unwell, but cats being the resillient things that they are, I'm sure he'll get better quickly. It's very stressful for you too of course - I know, being a cat owner - at one point all 3 of mine had cat flu - not good! Just as well you have that insurance...