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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

The Continuing Saga of Felix cont'd

Have just called the Vet to check on Felix again.  We spoke to him after Felix came out of surgery last night.

He told us then that it was "a bit more challenging than expected" which was probably why they didn't finish till well after 7 p.m.  The thigh bone was more damaged than was obvious on the x-rays so they have used what is called an external fixator.  Basically they screw metal pins into the bone then lock them into a metal bar at the side of the leg.  That locks everything together so the bones can knit.  In several weeks time they remove the pins and after the little holes in the skin have healed he is back to normal.  Basically he is looking like a refugee from a Mad max movie just now, but I don't think the insurance will run to a little leather jacket and sunglasses for him!

Today he is up and about.  He came out of the anaesthetic well and the vet is very happy with his progress.  I could hear him in the background as he is less than happy about being confined and is making everyone within earshot aware of it.  There's certainly nothing wrong with his lungs, the amount of noise he is making!  He is to get his dressing changed again on Friday, and should be ready to come home early next week.

As soon as we get more pictures of him I'll post them.  You'll also be able to meet him in person as he will be at the shop for the first couple of weeks.  He has to remain in a cage to restrict his movements to allow the bones to knit, and will be less than happy about that, but I'm sure he'll be happy to make lots of new friends.


weewiccababe said...

aw what a shame, poor Felix - here's to a speedy recovery

Sue said...

Poor Felix. Let's hope he's up and about again soon. It's horrible when family members are ill.

Sue said...

Let's hope Felix is on the mend soon.

jakamoo said...

Poor puss! Hope he's hme with you soon!